Celebrating Artistic Expression: PorterShed’s Enduring Support for Local Artists

Outset Gallery Luke Reidy
Artist: Luke Reidy at Portershed a Dó - Market Street

For the past seven years, PorterShed has been a haven for emerging and established artists, offering its walls as a free exhibition space each month. Although the pandemic briefly interrupted this tradition, PorterShed is eager to reignite its support for local artists and bring their creativity back into the limelight.

PorterShed’s commitment to showcasing local talent has been a cornerstone of its mission since its inception. Month after month, the hub’s walls have transformed into vibrant galleries, displaying a diverse array of artistic styles and mediums. From paintings to sculptures, globes and everything in between, PorterShed has consistently provided a platform for artists to share their work with the public and our members just love it!

The COVID-19 pandemic presented unforeseen challenges for everyone, including the art community. During this period, PorterShed had to temporarily halt its monthly exhibitions. However, the spirit of artistic collaboration never waned. PorterShed eagerly awaited the opportunity to reopen its doors and bring back the joy of experiencing local art.

Last year, the hub played host to the Galway Cartoon Festival, showcasing 100 pieces of captivating cartoon art throughout the entire month. This event not only delighted cartoon enthusiasts but also brought people from all walks of life together to appreciate the creativity of local artists. This festival is set to return in September this year at the new innovation space on Market Street.

In recent days, PorterShed proudly welcomed a remarkable exhibit from the talented local artist, Luke Reidy. Displayed prominently at the front desk of PorterShed Market Street, Luke’s piece captivates visitors with its colorful brilliance. If you are in the market for a lovely new piece of showcase art, pop down to the Outset Gallery: Cornstore, Unit 14 + 15, Middle St, Galway, H91 K8YV. Partnered up with the folks over at the Frame Shop, it’s a one stop shop for art, framing, events and more.

Artist: Luke Reidy

PorterShed understands the value of unique and eye-catching artwork that adds character to its spaces. Upon the opening of PorterShed Bowling Green, Finbar McHugh was commissioned to create a stunning piece of artwork named “Unleashed” for the Bowling Green kitchen space. This captivating work of art, alongside local designer Dan Gardner unique floating kitchen table and front desk, demonstrates PorterShed’s commitment to integrating art seamlessly into its environment.  Finbar McHugh Unveils Artwork at the PorterShed

Finbar McHugh PorterShed
Artist: Finbar McHugh

PorterShed remains passionate about providing opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents. In the future, we aim to offer wall space at both its locations, enabling artists to display their artwork and potentially sell their creations each month.

If you are interested in exhibiting your work please contact anthony@portershed.com

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Article by 
Anthony Shaughnessy


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