Corporate Membership

Having a corporate membership with the PorterShed means that you can access our community while benefiting from our outstanding facilities.

Joe Smyth

Corporate Membership

€3500.00 /year (ex VAT)

Looking for a landing base for your corporate business? Look no further than the PorterShed! We have hosted all manner of amazing corporates over the years, providing them with the space, facilities, and community to create an enjoyable work experience for your employees.

What You Get

An office space within a community! With our corporate membership, you and your team can assimilate seamlessly into the PorterShed. A ready-made workspace is waiting for you in the heart of vibrant Galway – so, get in touch today to find out how you can make the most of the opportunity.

Connect with Us

Join the tech revolution and make valuable connections with like-minded innovators. Connect with us and elevate your workspace game today!

Corporate Members

James Harkin
James Harkin
LiveScore Galway Site Lead and Chief Data Officer


“It has been fantastic for LiveScore Galway to be able to call the PorterShed home. We started small, and as we grew the PorterShed supported us along the way from a single desk to our own dedicated area/meeting rooms etc. The team are always friendly and accommodating and there is a great sense of community. With events, talks, treats, etc. happening all the time it’s a great place for any company to set up while they grow and expand.”

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