The PorterShed delivers a range of programmes, through its ecosystem partners as well as our own internal channels.

Programme Goals

At the PorterShed, one of our goals is to help start-ups achieve their best. One of the key ways we do this is through some of the amazing programmes we deliver. Whether we are hosting a programme we have built ourselves, or linking in with our ecosystem partners to bring start-ups into the fold, our aim is consistent: to help start-ups maximise their wins as much as possible.
Rosemary Gallagher
Programme Manager

Meet Rosemary!

As the PorterShed’s Programme Manager, Rosemary works closely with start-ups and founders to foster innovation and creativity. She is all about guiding startups and founders along their journey through all sorts of informative and practical programmes. Rosemary liaises closely with many of our ecosystem partners to ensure brilliant and practical programmes are delivered, and she works closely with many of the community’s leaders to spread the word about who we are, what we do, and what each programme offers.

NDRC Programmes We Offer

The PorterShed is a proud member of the NDRC, and as such, we deliver many programmes through the NDRC. Some of these programmes include:

Founder Weekend: this programme is a 48-hour opportunity for early-stage founders to learn new approaches, pitch their idea, and receive mentorship from experienced professionals. Fireside chats and panel discussions also form part of this programme, and it is open to those who have an idea but want to develop it beyond ideation.

Pre-Accelerator: a six-week programme for founders who are looking to become revenue- or Accelerator- ready. Fireside chats, mentorship, and in-depth reflections on how to make progress in the start-up world are all key parts of the programme. Many of the alumni who come through this programme go on to apply for the Accelerator.

Office Hours: every Friday, Office Hours are led by Rosemary (and sometimes a special guest mentor). These 25-minute conversations allow early-stage founders the chance to get one-to-one feedback on their ideas, setting them up to really give their start-up ideation shape and structure.

Irish Tech Hub Network

The PorterShed is a proud member of this interconnected community of tech hubs around the island of Ireland whose collective goal is to catalyse innovation in their regions.


We are a regional delivery partner for the NDRC, the national startup accelerator programme for globally ambitious tech entrepreneurs in Ireland.

Other Programmes

The PorterShed also offers a range of other programmes from time to time. Rosemary has helped build a number of programmes that offer support and frameworks for all manner of entrepreneurship areas.

One such example would be the student entrepreneurship programme that she compiled to help students interested in innovation and building on novel innovations receive the guidance needed to bring their ideas to the next level. Another would be the in-house programme she developed to help transition year students maximise their work experience at the PorterShed.

Find out More!

Are you interested in applying for one of the programmes mentioned above? Not sure where to begin or which one is right for you? Send an email to and hear from Rosemary or Dushyant!

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