Hot Desking

Hot Desking at the PorterShed means that you can connect to Galway’s innovation ecosystem with a few clicks.

Hot Desking

€30.00 /day(ex VAT)

Ever just feel like a change of scene for your workday? With the PorterShed’s convenient hot desking day pass, you can conveniently park yourself in front of a screen in one of our buildings – and connect with our community members. No contract means you can show up to the day – but the chances are you’ll be back…one sip of our coffee and there’s no way you won’t be back again.

What You Get

A desk, a desk – a kingdom for a desk! With the PorterShed’s hotdesking day pass, you’ll be able to get work done like never before. Bring your laptop, plug into our superfast internet, and away you go. Put your headphones on and be super-productive, or enjoy a chat at our coffee dock…whatever your goal for the day, you can do it with a day pass.

Connect with Us

Join the tech revolution and make valuable connections with like-minded innovators. Connect with us and elevate your workspace game today!

Joe Hennigan
Start-up founder


“There are people at different stages that are more than willing to give you help, even just chatting outside in the cafeteria – it’s cool, and it’s a nice culture. The fact that you can reach out to anybody that’s in your field, that’s an expert, I think that’s amazing.”

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