Five Fun Things to Do in Galway This Christmas

Here at the PorterShed, we are more than ready for Christmas in Galway.

I’m not sure about you, but that means I’ll be rocking a few colourful jumpers, hanging up the twinkly lights in my house, and enjoying a few festive flicks (yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie and I will die on this hill). Our team (shout-out to Aoife, Amanie, and Rosanna) have already splashed tinsel, snowy effects, and festive figurines around our three locations to add a winter wonderland effect, and it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So, whether you’re new to Galway or you’re looking for fresh ways to kickstart your holiday happiness, check out our list of the top five things to do in Galway this Christmas.

Photo by Shaughnessy

The Christmas Market 

For many, the Christmas Market is the highlight of the year, and it’s great to see crowds flocking to explore the many treats and treasure troves offered by its vendors. Located in Eyre Square, it really comes alive at night as all the illuminations add a glowing sparkle to the city centre. Why not grab a delicious hot chocolate from one of the stalls, load up on sweet donuts, pick up a few locally crafted ornaments, and allow yourself to get swept away in a tide of merry magic.

Give Something Back

Every year at the PorterShed, we put up a Christmas Giving Tree (and this year, we have three different buildings so that means extra festive cheer!) so that our members can take a tag from one of the boughs. Each tag contains details of a present that you can buy for somebody less fortunate than you. It could be something as simple as a wash bag or a pair of headphones. It’s our way of making it easy to give back to the community. It feels good to give something back – so, why not join us in our endeavours and donate to a charity or give your time to someone who needs it most of all?

Support Local

It’s all too easy to get sucked into the Amazon vortex and start plundering gifts with a few swift clicks, but it’s more important than ever to continue supporting local where we can. Most of the time, Galway can provide you with what you’re looking for anyway – and it’s often better, more thoughtfully crafted, and you have direct face-to-face customer service if you need it. There are so many phenomenal merchants based in Galway (like McCambridge’s, Easons, Claddagh Jewellers), and a therapeutic stroll down the festively decorated Shop St., Middle St., and Quay St. will allow you to treat yourself to some delightful window displays.

Elf Town Galway

PorterShed member Clearbookings are powering the ticketing system behind Elf Town Galway – and it’s a super smooth, easy-to-use system, too! Plus, you can still buy tickets for it right here. This fun family-friendly experience is a wonderful way to ring in December and set yourself up for a feel-good month. You’ll get to meet Santa, Mrs Claus, and some of the elves as they prepare for one of the busiest nights of the year!

Enjoy the City Lights

Or maybe you just want to take time out to admire some of the amazing Christmas sights that Galway has to offer? With the city lights a-glowing, you can enjoy a free stroll around the city and simply admire the scenery.

However you choose to enjoy Christmas, we hope you have a peaceful and relaxing time – there are few better places to get into a festive mood than Galway, and as you can see, there are plenty of activities to do across the City of Tribes.

By Trevor Murray


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