Galway Game Jam’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebrates a Milestone for Ireland’s Games Industry

Galway Game Jam, a community of game developers and enthusiasts, is set to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, marking a significant moment for both the event and the games industry in Ireland. This year’s edition was particularly special as it coincided with the Wild Galway Games Initiative, a directly funded public games support focused on helping developers to grow, collaborate and advance their careers.We’re delighted that Galway, took the lead in pioneering this initiative. Led by Ardán with the support of Galway City Council and Creative Ireland, and the collaborative efforts of the local game development community, Galway has become a thriving hub for game development in Ireland. One crucial contributor to this success has been the PorterShed, which has provided an ideal venue and valuable resources for community game jams and meetups.

WGGI is a watershed moment and a significant investment in grassroots independent games development by Galway City Council and Creative Ireland. Led by Ardán, with input from Imirt, this shared vision and understanding of the significance of the games industry to Ireland nationally and to Galway locally has led to one of the most important initiatives for independent Irish game developers yet seen in the country.

Ardán, an organization dedicated to supporting the creative sector, played a pivotal role in making the Wild Galway Games Initiative a reality. With their vision and advocacy, they spearheaded efforts to secure funding for the games industry. Ardán’s belief in the potential of game development as a flourishing sector in Ireland has propelled the community forward.

Galway’s game development community has been steadily growing and evolving for decades. Local developers, with their unwavering support, have nurtured an ecosystem that fosters creativity, learning, and collaboration.

PorterShed has become the go-to venue for Game Jams, Tech meetups, and other Community Events. Its provision of a free and well-equipped space has facilitated the growth of the game development community, allowing developers to come together, share ideas, and work on projects in a collaborative environment. PorterShed’s contribution to Galway’s thriving game development scene cannot be overstated.

“Galway Game Jam has been an incredible platform for fostering creativity and collaboration within the game development community in the West of Ireland,” says Anthony Shaughnessy, Innovation Manager at PorterShed. “We have always been more than delighted to support such a vital part of the Gaming Ecosystem. The organizers and participants of Galway Game Jam have consistently demonstrated their passion and dedication, making it a truly remarkable event. It’s through initiatives like this that we see the true potential and talent that exists within our community. We look forward to continuing our support and witnessing the continued growth and success of the game development industry in Galway.”

Galway Game Jam 10 Year Anniversary Jam is open to all!
Visit the Galway Game Jam Website to register today.

Event Date: June 24th 2023 at 10:00 AM

Location: Portershed a Dó, Market Street, Galway, and online!


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