Game Changer Formula: Predictable success for you, your family and your business

Ruaidhri Prendergast
Author: Game Changer Formula: Predictable success for you, your family and your business

Forget the idea that you can create success in your life simply by setting a goal and using your willpower. You’ve tried that before, and it doesn’t work. There is another way. Whether your goal is to look after yourself, improve relationships, or build a successful business, the Game Changer Formula is a solution for predictable success. The Game Changer Formula has four components:
— Vision
— Mindset
— Energy
— Accountability
Rory Prendergast developed the formula from his successes, failures, and adventures, including sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. In this book he explains how to integrate it into your life using 10 simple daily habits. The Game Changer Formula has proven successful for people who have used it. Their stories and Rory’s insights will help you understand the power of this new formula. If you implement the Game Changer Formula, it will change your life.


We all must navigate our own ship of life. In this book Rory’s smart insight is invaluable – as is the way he shares it. A must read

— Enda O’Coineen, Entrepreneur & Publisher, Business Post

Before I read The Game Changer Formula I thought I was organised, productive and maximising my time in work and with family. Having read the book and started the process, I have seen significant improvements within weeks and can see how I will make further improvements
Ollie Walsh CEO PiPiT Global

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