Gluck on Deck by Bob Rosenberg

If you’re diligent and patient, and pan in the right streams, you find bits of gold.

I’m passing one on here.

I follow a lot of investors on social media (mostly Twitter).  Some are friends, some acquaintances, and some because they have influence, insight, good humor.  I’ve recommended Ray Dalio and Mark Suster in the past.  Today I want to highlight Andrew Gluck.

I don’t know Andrew.  He co-invests with investors I know and respect.  He’s a marketer who has turned investor.  I like his straightforward approach.

Here’s his gloss on his areas of interest:


Focused on: + DTC (subscription where subscription makes sense and/or fixing broken buying process) + AdTech (not tools sold to marketers / agencies but tech that is disruptive, unlocking new ad networks, and/or makes advertising 10x more effective) + NextGen Commerce (changing the way people shop online or offline; marketplaces)


-HealthTech -InsureTech -PropTech Love founders outside the US but not currently set up to be able to engage with them unfortunately.


Brandeis University  BA  Economics

He recently did a twitter stream on building a deck that garner VC interest (as he puts it, borrowing from the musical Hamilton, getting into ‘the room where it happens’).  It’s the best summary of what a deck should contain.  Of course no deck will be this rich or lengthy, but he is succinct in identifying the key points that potential investors want to know.  And how you might structure them.

He highlights how to grab interest, how to lay out the case and how to tell the story.  I’d say this is must reading for anyone preparing to raise money, a great strop for your razor.

Find his stream and his gold reprinted here:

Let me know if you have thoughts, questions, etc.  Stay safe.

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