Is Co-working for You?

If you’ve ever wondered if co-working could be an ideal fit for you, we might just have some of the answers…

Perhaps you have an idea you’re keen to get off the ground, but you need somewhere to come and feel energized by your surroundings? Or maybe you’re just looking for a change of scenery and a fresh start. Whatever the reasons you’re considering, you might benefit from a co-working experience

So much of the work landscape has changed over the last couple of years, and that has meant more ideas for what the future could look like, an increasing number of managers open to new ways of working, and companies bringing change to life.

So here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re considering the switch to co-working:

Do you want to feel part of an authentic community?

Co-working gives you the chance to get back into a community again. So many of the hubs around Ireland are built around amazing groups of entrepreneurially minded professionals who love sharing ideas, helping to solve problems, and giving back to their desk neighbours. 

Phone booths at co-working spaces like the PorterShed offer that privacy to take calls and work on solo projects.

The community aspect is one of the main plus points our members often cite when talking about why the PorterShed has been a real positive experience for them. 

Do you feel energized by being in a collaborative workspace?

The energy of a space can really revitalize people to get stuff done, and co-working spaces are brimming with vitality and almost-tangible enthusiasm. Some studies have suggested that co-working increases productivity because you feel part of a place, and you feel more connected to what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. In essence, people think differently when the mood is right, and co-working spaces certainly offer a cachet that is different to those more traditional workspaces.

Plus, co-working spaces often offer events like meetups, hackathons, and cultural get-togethers like book clubs. This type of kinetic dynamism can really get new ideas flowing and open up alternative perspectives worth paying attention to.

Are you keen to get an idea off the ground?

If you have a thought you’d love to explore, a start-up you think could change the world, or a collaboration you’d like to kickstart, then a co-working space could be exactly what you’re looking for. They are also ideal for skills sharing, and lots of PorterShed members have hired their fellow co-working members to take on paid projects like design, software development, and website building.  

One of our start-ups currently working out of the PorterShed came together during lockdown when three people decided to join together to tackle a specific problem. Speaking with them in the last few weeks, they agree that the idea would have been a lot more difficult to make real if they had relied on Zoom calls and long-distance meetings.

Co-working spaces provide people with the literal space and facilities to really dig deep, unearth new modalities, and fix broken systems. Perhaps your idea could be the next big thing?

Would you like to innovate as a corporate business?

Co-working isn’t just for individuals or small teams – it can be for medium-to-large groups, too. In the PorterShed, we have a number of large companies using our spaces. These teams benefit from their own space to work as a unit, make use of our facilities, and come together as a team. But a co-working space also opens you up to new ideas around the kitchen table or the coffee station – and these can prove invaluable in all sorts of situations.

Co-working spaces give teams the chance to get together easily and make use of amazing facilities

The NDRC recently held a Corporate Innovation and Start-ups Masterclass that touches on this very point – if you’re a corporate, why wait to innovate and think disruptively? A co-working space can give you that head-start and help you think and act like a truly agile business.

Do you crave fewer distractions and opportunities to work in private?

At the PorterShed, and at many of our partner hubs around the country, meeting rooms, phone booths, and seating areas provide members with the chance to work on their own when it suits them. Getting a few hours of ‘focus time’ squared away in the calendar can really help with productivity and allow you the chance to cross items off that to-do list.

Because while co-working spaces can often be a hive of activity, there’s plenty of opportunities to be that worker bee who just wants to pop in the noise-cancelling headphones and make things happen. The fact that some hubs, like the PorterShed, have 24/7 access for full-time members means that people can choose the times that suit them to work – and that leads to more productivity and less time procrastinating. 

If you’d like to learn more about some of our plans, visit our membership page.

Or take a read of some of our virtual office plans.

By Trevor Murray

Content Marketing Specialist at the PorterShed
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