Novacene insights ensure optimal working for Galway Tech Hub

Novacene insights ensure optimal working for Galway Tech Hub

The PorterShed at Bowling Green is one of two new properties forming part of the Galway City Innovation District. Opened in March 2022, the repurposed derelict warehouse was transformed into a state of the art co-working space for tech entrepreneurs and ambitious globally focused tech companies.

The 7,000 sq ft building comprises two floors and 5 separate work and communal areas, there is a constant flow of people in the building which is active up to 20 hours a day. The building also has an innovation space which holds up to 40 people for workshops, training and meetups.

The PorterShed building is primarily funded by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and administered by Enterprise Ireland the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) and is supported by AIB, KPMG and SIRO/Vodafone.

Ensuring good internal air quality

Numerous studies demonstrate a strong link between the quality of one’s working environment with humans’ ability to perform and make the right decisions.

Internal air quality is a key aspect of this, which is why, prior to opening its new co-working space at Bowling Green, the PorterShed management team reached out to Novacene, to ensure members could work in maximum comfort.

Implementing a proven process

Novacene installed an array of sensors to manage and track Co2, temperature, humidity, light and occupancy.

Novacene’s unique way of measuring, monitoring and controlling a range of building performance metrics ensures that PorterShed members and guests experience the highest air quality and in turn improve performance.

When spaces operate outside of agreed parameters, the system automatically alerts managers so that they can take the action needed to investigate and, when necessary, make changes.

Client Feedback

Novacene’s innovative technology has been a key addition to the PorterShed. The Management team is able to monitor air quality in real time ensuring consistent, high quality air flow for all our members all of the time.

The Novacene monitors were installed in March 2022, over the past 12 months the air quality has been consistently improving. Small tweaks to the building has increased air quality and it is now operating at 100% with consistent Co2 readings of 400-600 ppm.

Without Novacene technology, we would not have been able to identify and improve areas of concern. It has been scientifically proven that air quality improves performance – and for software engineers, optimising performance is key. Novacene’s cutting edge tech ensures we are optimising all aspects of the building for our members.


Anthony Shaughnesey
Community Manager



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