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Smart Venture Money

Ira Weiss was a professor of tax law.  He studied at the University of Illinois and earned MBA and PhD from the University of Chicago.  He worked at Ernst and Young and Coopers and Lybrand and dabbled in angel investing in New York.  When he returned as faculty at UChicago, he worked with alumni interested in angel investing and became faculty director of Hyde Park Angels.  With growth and maturity of the angel group, he and Guy Turner started Hyde Park Venture Partners in 2011, originally a sidecar fund, now one of the most respected seed and A-round VCs in Chicago.

For his part, Guy Turner is a mechanical engineer who worked for GE, Raytheon and Boston Consulting.  He also has the MBA from UChicago.  I’m lucky to consider them friends.  They are disciplined, honest, generous (with time and insights if not always money), insightful, supportive – everything that constitutes ‘smart money’, the best kind of currency if you’re a startup.

Guy blogs and his recent summary of how HPVP sees the world in the next couple of years is important.  It’s not prescriptive – the uncertainty and volatility of the current situation make predicting the future much more foolhardy than usual – but the exercise provides a baseline for changes and rethinking as we move forward.  It’s a business model canvas for the startup world (if you don’t know business model canvas, you should. Osterwalder and Pigneur developed the original canvas in 2005. More info at

Here’s the post:

I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think.  Thanks for being there.  Stay safe!!!!


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