The Portershed: A Place for Women in Tech to Thrive

My name is Aoife Cheung and I am the Office Manager here at the PorterShed. As the lead-up to International Women’s Day approaches, it’s important to reflect on the impact women have in the workplace, especially here in Galway. In recent years, the West of Ireland, particularly Galway, has become a hub for technology companies. With this growth, there has been a significant increase in job opportunities in the tech industry. Women have been a significant part of this growth, and their presence has been vital in shaping the technology landscape in the West of Ireland that we know today.

In the past, the technology industry was known for its male-dominated culture, and women were underrepresented. However, in recent years, the industry has been making significant strides towards creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. This has led to more women pursuing careers in technology, and the West of Ireland is no exception.

The growth of the technology industry in Galway has been fueled by several factors. Firstly, Galway has a vibrant and diverse community, which has created a pool of talented individuals with different skill sets. Here in the PorterShed, our staff ranges from those from Galway, Mayo (up Mayo!), Palestine and even India (shoutout to the PorterShed Team). Secondly, the city is home to several educational institutions that offer a variety of technology-related courses. These institutions have produced a steady stream of highly skilled professionals, which has attracted many tech companies to set up shop in Galway.

The PorterShed have played a vital role in promoting women in technology and has been instrumental in creating a supportive environment for women in technology by providing a platform for networking and mentoring. Member company, FleetOps have hired Roseann Dunne to lead their Customer Delivery Team. Very inspiring work!

We have also been involved in mentoring programs for women in technology. We have partnered with several tech companies in Galway to provide mentorship to women interested in pursuing a career in technology through different support systems. Ranging from ‘Office Hours’ every Friday to the NDRC accelerator programmes. This mentorship has been invaluable, as it has provided women with guidance and support as they navigate the technology industry.

We have also been a significant advocate for gender diversity in the technology industry. We have been involved in several initiatives aimed at increasing the number of women in technology, including hosting panel discussions on the topic. These discussions have provided a forum for women in technology to share their experiences and discuss ways to create a more inclusive workplace.

With organizations like the PorterShed, the future for women in technology looks bright, and we can expect to see even more women pursuing careers in this exciting and innovative industry.

Aoife Cheung, Office Manager 


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