The Power of First Impressions

First impressions are often more reputable than a second. Given the nature of a first impression, it often leaves a taste of what to expect, be it good or bad. Your impression of something can change, especially when you’ve had time to understand it more. The natural ‘action and reaction’ method can be used when entering a new environment for the first time. 

One thing for certain is that PorterShed values its members’ impressions of them, making for a smooth transition from its members ‘just turning up’ to ‘turning into a community’.

Community, Collaboration and coworking’ are the key pillars of the PorterShed. Creating a sense of togetherness, and building upon this is what makes Galway City’s first collaborative tech hub such a unique and special place to work in.

It was the real, warm sense of community with members going out of their way to make me feel very welcome when I first started here”. – Aoife Cheung, Office Manager, PorterShed, said about settling in during her first days.

Everyone owns an opinion, but not everyone shares it. The idea of spreading opinions is a tricky game to play, with everyone being the first to critique or pull you down. This begs the question… how accurate are opinions and how do we measure someone’s initial impression?


As Galway’s premier coworking and collaborative space, PorterShed is often first to be questioned about its main purpose. When speaking to members about what they originally thought PorterShed did; it was refreshing to see that people’s impressions can and did change over time.

My initial impression was that PorterShed oozed potential and was an inspiring place to be as a young adult. During my first week, I was assured that my impressions were correct”. – one of our members said.

Judging something at ‘face-value’ always begs the question… ‘Is this all there is to offer?’… and often there is a lot more than meets the eye. The impact of the first encounter with anything has significant impact in the way people set up future expectations. First impressions help establish credibility, especially if you are new to a particular market or sector in a company.

Is a first impression truly the source of all comparisons? The quick answer is ‘no’ but it sure does have a huge impact.


Many of the members here in PorterShed have experienced the traditional work-life. This being the infamous ‘9-5’ office job with the dreaded commute every morning. The repetitive feel of the workplace is quickly diminished and transformed into an inclusive, collaborative location where ideas are spread. The term ‘collaboration’ is often misused in the tech scene with it being much more than just an idea shared; it’s more of a problem being solved.

The PorterShed is a vibrant tech community where peer-to-peer collaboration is not just a buzzword”- Mary Rodgers CEO, PorterShed

Mary making a great impression

Today’s highly collaborative work cultures are more likely to boost productivity as they promote shared goals and employee engagement within the working space. The sense of intimidation and judgement often associated with starting a new job, is long forgotten at PorterShed. An inviting site for ideas to be shared and worked upon in a safe and modern environment situates PorterShed in a league of its own in Galway’s ever-growing tech scene.

The idea of a collaborative environment is nothing new. This idea has been implemented worldwide for a number of years but it begs the question…


Tus maith, leath na hoibre’ – A strong Irish ‘seanfhocail’ which loosely translates to… “a good start is half the work” … is as relevant now as it ever will be. Having a good start is crucially important when making decisions, especially when committing to a location to work from; PorterShed values all cultures

Working in what most would call the ‘beating heart of the Galway tech ecosystem’, it is important that as a collective, we keep in sync with this rhythm and allow for these ‘first impressions’ to have a positive, lasting impact. 

By Nigel Moran


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