What is First Fridays?

On April 1, we’ll be hosting First Fridays for Startups from our new premises at the Bowling Green, and we’re really excited to welcome attendees, virtually. If you’re wondering if First Fridays is for you, ask yourself two questions:

  • Am I currently involved in a start-up?
  • Do I want to get the inside scoop on the start-up ecosystem from experts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of those questions, then this event is definitely a must-attend.

First Fridays is a nationwide initiative that was rebooted earlier this year, and it offers those involved in the start-up ecosystem a chance to discover more about the world of entrepreneurship. They can also listen to informative discussions from those in the know and benefit from mentoring delivered by some of the world’s biggest tech successes.

Each month, hubs throughout the Irish Tech Hub Network will deliver these half-day events. The programme kicked off with a bang in Dublin, where Dogpatch Labs led the first at the beginning of March. Now, for the April edition of First Fridays, the PorterShed is gearing up to welcome people, virtually, to take part.

The day will feature four separate online sessions: Welcome, Mentoring, Educate, and Inspire, and we’re looking forward to seeing start-ups from across the country take part on Friday, April 1.

Welcome: Rosemary Gallagher, PorterShed Programme Manager, and Jake Phillips, Dogpatch Labs Ecosystem Development Director, will co-host the first session of the day as everyone joins the event. This is a fantastic way to kickstart the day as attendees receive an update on Ireland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem; what’s going on, programs, funding opportunities and more, with an exclusive insider peek at what’s what in our western region.

Mentoring: This is an invaluable opportunity for start-ups looking to learn from some of the leading minds in the ecosystem. Conveniently, attendees can book up to three sessions with mentors from across multinationals and start-ups. Entrepreneurs can list their topics of choice from sales and marketing advice, to learnings on how to enter new markets. Here, anyone involved in the start-up world can receive authentic feedback and insight from those who have vast experience in their field.

Make sure you grab time with a mentor by booking a few slots here: https://mentoring.firstfridays.ie/ 

Educate: First Fridays will have a panel featuring some of the most forward-thinking companies that Ireland has to offer. This month’s focus will be on deep technologies that are being developed in Ireland and in Galway.

Sign up for the panel with CEO and co-founder of Tympany Medical, Liz McGloughlin; Chief Data Scientist for Digital and AI at Genesys, Maciej Dąbrowski; and mbryonics CEO and Director John Mackey here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/educate–deep/register

Inspire: And when it comes to disruptive tech that really underlines Ireland’s innovation, there are few better examples than Bobby Healy and his latest venture, Manna Drone Delivery. Interestingly, the company uses custom-developed aerospace drones to deliver almost anything customers want – coffee, takeaway, groceries (even defibrillators!) – and have it delivered within three minutes straight to your door. Bobby will discuss his cutting-edge start-ups, his experience to date, and what he has learned throughout his career.

Make time for this inspiring talk with Bobby by signing up here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/inspire-with-bobby-healy 

It’s sure to be an exciting, engaging, informative few hours across First Fridays, and it’s certainly a must-attend event for start-up players looking to make that all-important next move, whether it’s a first step or a giant stride towards something new and different. 

More info: https://firstfridays.ie/april2022 

By Trevor Murray

Content Marketing Specialist at the PorterShed
Email: trevor@portershed.com | LinkedIn | Twitter


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