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Introducing the Gen-AI Copilot for Startup Ecosystem Managers

Since OpenAI’s ground-breaking release of GPT3.5 in November 2022, the possibilities for re-engineering inefficient business processes or streamlining mundane tasks have empowered knowledge workers across the globe to unlock value within their organisations.

The PorterShed team have been exploring opportunities and use cases to leverage this new technology to benefit our local startup community and regional innovation ecosystem.

How might we leverage Gen-AI to reduce the daily burden?

The day-to-day tasks of startup innovation hub and co-working managers rapidly pile-up and as they usually have a small team, delegation is constrained so it becomes a never-ending to-do list which leaves very little time for exploring new strategic partnerships and opportunities.

This new tool is a digital ally or ‘copilot’ and will help innovation hub and co-working managers rapidly generate ideas, streamline tasks, and expand know-how so they have the time (and energy) to prioritise strategic planning and innovation. Accompanying this new tool is a free eBook, featuring 50 thoughtfully crafted prompts to help managers get started.

Six main benefits of using the Startup Ecosystem Elevator Copilot

  1. Instant information: Provides quick answers and data, speeding up decision-making.
  2. Enhanced productivity: Frees up time for higher-level tasks by handling research and writing.
  3. Streamlined communication: Drafts and edits communications with stakeholders efficiently.
  4. Strategic focus: More time to concentrate on strategic planning & execution.
  5. Network expansion: Frees up time to build and maintain valuable relationships.
  6. Innovation growth: More time to support and mentor startups, leading to more innovative outcomes. 

Start your GenAI journey today by clicking the links below, use the tool everyday for 30-days, and send your feedback to the PorterShed team as we want to showcase your wins!

Getting Started:
Access the Startup Ecosystem Elevator Link 
Download the free eBook to get started Link
Watch a short demo Link 


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