TWiG ” This Week in Grants” March 5th 2024

Meet Your Funding Support Manager: Stephen Geary

Embarking on the journey of securing funding for your venture can be daunting, but fret not! Stephen Geary, our Funding Support Manager, is here to guide you through the labyrinth of grant applications and investment opportunities. With a diverse background spanning biotechnology, grant writing, and business consulting, Stephen brings a wealth of expertise to assist you in your funding endeavors. Whether you’re in need of grant proposal assistance, investor outreach strategies, or navigating through R&D tax credits, Stephen is your go-to ally in the pursuit of financial backing for your ventures.

Unveiling the Portal to Grant Opportunities: TWiG "This Week in Grants" Mar 05 | 2024

Welcome to the inaugural edition of TWiG (This Week in Grants), your gateway to the latest updates on grants and funding opportunities tailored for the vibrant community at PorterShed. In this weekly series, we’ll navigate through a plethora of grants designed to fuel the growth and innovation of startups and SMEs, along with insightful announcements to keep you in the loop.

Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition: Opening March 5th

Prepare yourselves, aspiring entrepreneurs! The Seedcorn Investor Readiness Competition is set to kick off on March 5th at 09:00. This competition is your chance to fine-tune your pitch, refine your business plans, and stand a chance to win a share of the €300,000 cash prize fund. Beyond the monetary rewards, participants will receive invaluable feedback on their ventures and gain exposure to potential investors.

EIC Funding Win for mBryonics

Let’s extend our congratulations to John Mackey and the remarkable team at mBryonics for clinching the European Innovation Council (EIC) funding. Their StarCom Optical Inter-Satellite Link proposal stood out amidst fierce competition, exemplifying the spirit of innovation we cherish within our community.

Spotlight on: Local Enterprise Week 2024

As we delve into the heart of grant opportunities, let’s not overlook the significance of Local Enterprise Week 2024. Organized by the 31 Local Enterprise Offices nationwide, this event-packed week from March 4th to March 8th offers a myriad of workshops, seminars, and networking sessions tailored to bolstering local businesses.

In Galway, the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) is gearing up for a series of insightful events, including a Lean Launch Alumni gathering at PorterShed. Meanwhile, the LEO Mayo team is hosting a Cross Border Sales online session, shedding light on funding and support avenues for businesses engaging with Northern Ireland.

Unveiling Microfinance Ireland

For those seeking smaller-scale financial assistance, Microfinance Ireland emerges as a beacon of hope. Offering small loans through the Government’s Microenterprise Loan Fund, this initiative aims to empower startups and established businesses alike. By channeling your loan applications through the Local Enterprise Office, you can avail of a reduced interest rate and tap into a plethora of advisory and mentoring services.

Upcoming Grants: Horizon Europe

Stay tuned for future editions of TWiG as we delve into Horizon Europe, the European Union’s flagship research and innovation program with a staggering budget of €95.5 billion. Designed to tackle global challenges, foster collaboration, and drive sustainable growth, Horizon Europe promises a multitude of opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs and researchers alike.

In conclusion, TWiG serves as your compass in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of grants and funding opportunities. Stay tuned for our weekly updates, and let’s embark on this journey of innovation and growth together!

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