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The PorterShed is a place to work, share and succeed together. It is the first step towards an Innovation District in Galway City.

Start: Galway City Innovation District

The Galway City Innovation District will be a cluster of Galway City’s entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators and incubators. The district will be close to public transportation, wired for high-speed internet, supporting mixed-use development, and nurturing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

A number of organisations, including the Galway Chamber of Commerce, Port of Galway, Startup Galway, ITAG, WestBIC, GMIT and NUI Galway, have come together to kickstart a new innovation hub as part of a larger initiative called the Galway City Innovation District. The global trend and preference for tech companies is to locate in areas close to city centres. Employees tend to favour locations where they can walk or cycle to work and can interact with one another in less formal surroundings such as food markets and cafes. We have seen this trend develop very successfully in Dublin.

The vision we have is for a downtown city innovation hub, attracting young technology companies with strong growth potential, including many of our existing superstars (OnePageCRM, Ex Ordo, Element Wave, Netfort, BuilderEngine, Pocket Anatomy, Altocloud, SpamTitan, RealSim, Storm, SourceDogg, GAME GOLF, CGA, Instillo, Rivada, Tribal City Interactive and Alison).

We will start with one building and then expand to a cluster of many more as part of a Galway City Innovation District. We will start with the PorterShed...

The PorterShed

The PorterShed is the ultimate mashup of entrepreneurs, startups, growth companies, educational institutions, the Galway Chamber, state agencies and local government. Our goal is to create an innovation ecosystem, one that creates a synergistic relationship between people, companies, and place, that facilitates idea generation, open learning, collaboration and accelerates commercialisation.

The PorterShed will allow entrepreneurs to use collaborative spaces, mingle with other entrepreneurs and have efficient access to everything from insights into the latest technology to legal and financial advice. Rather than endure long commutes and daily congestion, residents of the PorterShed can choose to work and live in places that are connected, walkable, bike-able and connected by technology.

Our ethos is driven by the need to combine our economic assets (companies, education institutions and organisations), our physical assets (public and privately-owned spaces designed and organised to stimulate new and higher levels of connectivity, collaboration, and innovation) and our networking assets (the relationships between individuals, companies, organisations and institutions that have the potential to generate, sharpen, and/or accelerate the advancement of ideas).

What's In The Shed?

  • Galway's Tech Superstars
  • Weekly Events
  • Coffee with Founders
  • Designed Workspaces
  • Event Space
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Startup Hot Desks
  • Private Phone Kiosks
  • High Speed Internet
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Filtered Water
  • Cashew Nuts

Who's Behind The Shed?

We are a group of people driven by the need to improve our beautiful city. We believe that the PorterShed will be the spark that will ignite the Galway City Innovation District.

John Breslin
NUI Galway
Niamh Costello
Galway Technology Centre
Dave Cunningham
Michael FitzGerald
Paul Killoran
Ex Ordo
Conor O'Dowd
Johnny O'Dwyer
Maurice O'Gorman
Galway Chamber of Commerce
Mary Rodgers
Community Innovation Manager

The Galway Chamber of Commerce is fully supportive of the PorterShed project, realising the potential for job creation and the re-imagining of this area of the city. The Chamber promotes networking in the business community and collaboration between all stakeholders to achieve our shared mission of making Galway the leading location for business, investment and people.

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