An Open Letter from PorterShed CEO, Mary Rodgers

Our Galway Summer is well and truly here, and I am grateful to see that the energy, enthusiasm, and fun are back and in full swing. At the PorterShed, we’ve had many tech events, community get-togethers, and gatherings happening in recent months, and there’s no sign of things slowing down, which is pretty inspirational!

It’s amazing that the PorterShed is continuing to grow – as is our membership. We are well settled into PorterShed A haon at Bowling Green, and we are also gearing up to launch PorterShed A do at the former Connacht Tribune offices later in the year. I can’t wait to see our downtown Galway tech campus up and running! 

Right now, it’s a fantastic time to make use of the many co-working hubs around the country, whether in Galway or elsewhere. My connection to the PorterShed, the Irish Tech Hub Network, and the NDRC means that I am closely aligned with what’s happening across the ecosystem – and the co-working culture -, and I’d like to get that message out to more people, especially how to get involved.

PorterShed CEO, Mary Rodgers

For starters, getting to a hub puts you in the middle of a unique community where new and wonderful things happen in a flash. Maybe you have an idea you’re trying to kickstart or you’d like to network with an expert in your field. The great thing about hubs is that they are crammed full of people who love to engage with others – especially new faces.

Secondly, Ireland truly is an encouraging destination for start-ups to grow and succeed, and that starts with the people who are in every day, working in shared spaces humming with innovation. 

There are now seven unicorns in the country, and with the year just over halfway through, it’s possible that we could see more Irish unicorns emerge before the end of 2022.

But it’s not all about unicorns and big tech. After all, every great idea starts with a little kernel of insight, and sometimes all that’s needed for it to flourish is a little nourishment and encouragement – and that’s exactly what you can expect at the PorterShed.

And with our friends at Connected Hubs announcing the exciting voucher scheme, we’re looking forward to welcoming so many new people into our spaces over the summer months. Maybe you could be one of them? I can’t wait to meet them and hear all about their stories.

So, come in and pay us a visit – there is always a Galway welcome and a coffee! 

Slán go foil 



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