Has GCID delivered on it’s promise?

The mission of the Galway City Innovation District (“GCID”) is to create high-value sustainable tech jobs in Galway. It is ubiquitous in all that we do here at the PorterShed. Over the past few weeks, we have seen lots of media reports fact-checking promises and claims made by various political parties. The media scrutiny gave me pause and prompted me to reflect on the mission of GCID and ask the question…

Has GCID delivered on its promise?

GCID opened it’s first building The PorterShed in May 2016, since then we have supported the creation of 730 plus jobs and hosted over 1100 events, our companies have had inward investment of over €33 m and our members add in excess of €22 m to the regional economy. No small feat and something we are all very proud of.

However, what is noteworthy is the impact of GCID and the evolving landscape of the technology sector in Galway.

Since January 1 2020, in just five weeks, fourteen new technology roles have been filled by five PorterShed member companies. Livescore, Plan DominoGaido and Geomara have all onboarded new team members. In addition 16 new roles have also been filled by PorterShed alumni companies Rent The RunwayGenesys and SOTIThat’s a total 29 new high-value sustainable technology roles have been filled in Galway over the last five weeks.*

Why is this so important?

There is now a critical mass of tech companies in the region. Software engineers and domain experts are choosing Galway. Regular meetups in AI, DevOps, Azure, Machine learning, AWS, UX Design, Power BI and GDG are creating new possibilities and building awareness. All of this momentum is further proof, of what we all know already, Galway is the best place to live and work in Ireland!

For more information on open roles with PorterShed member companies and alumni click here. An up to date meetup and event schedule can also be found here

*I have no doubt additional tech companies in Galway have hired in 2020, if you have, please do add a note in comments, it would be interesting to get a tally on new new jobs in the sector.




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